If the legal issue of using single-computer license software on networks is in question and you've been

notified you're a candidate for a software license audit you should know where it all leads.

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We have a deep knowledge of software license best practices and we can save you time, money and the potential of a negative PR event. Schedule a private call today.


We've conducted license audits of:

Adobe, Attachmate, Autodesk, EMC, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Symantec, Act!, Captaris, Citrix, Crystal Reports, Datacard, Datawatch, E*Trade, Esker, Goldmine, HP, IDM Computer Solutions, Ipswitch, Macromedia Dreamweaver, NetSupport, LTD, PGP Corporation, Roxio, TrendMicro, Websense, WinZip software, among with many others.


Our software auditors have performed hundreds

of confidential software license audits for Microsoft and companies of all sizes across the US.


If the legal issue of using single-computer license on a network is unclear or if you've received a proof of software ownership letter from the BSA you are in jeopardy of being out of compliance. IT asset management is real and if you have a 'software compliance letter' you need to act now.


The average license settlement for a 2014 BSA audit is more than $100,000 and BSA fine per instance can be many times that amount. Fines levied for software license non-compliance are not negotiable and usually not covered by company insurance since it is classified a civil crime.



One example of what you should know: Never uninstall non-compliant software after you have been notified of an audit. Every computer action is logged and logs become part of the software license audit process plus it demonstrates the wrong intent.


We've prepared two reports that explain in detail what comes next, what to expect and how to determine your best position going forward.


Don't get caught in a 'random' software license audit.


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